I hope someone can help me with the following problem. I have a home network
setup through a linksys router. Three PC's running Win2000 Professional.

I'm having a problem launching NS 6.2 over the network. I use the three PC's
over the network to test different browsers (web browser compatibility
testing) using DreamweaverMX. When I choose to preview a web page that I'm
developing through Dreamweaver (file > preview in browser) and choose
Netscape 6.2.3, the PC locks up. All this command does is launch the NS6
executable over the network. The browser begins to launch, but then has an
effect similar to browser mouse trapping. It looks like multiple browser
windows are opening on the taskbar, but the browser never launches and I
have to reboot?? I'm accessing the NS6.2 executable over the network located
on one of the other PC's.

I wish I could disregard NS6, but
I'm using it for web page browser compatibility testing. And, I have a
group that I do work for that still uses NS6.2, so I have to test for it. I
actually have folks that still use NS4.7...haha Funny thing is, NS4.7 and
NS7.1 work fine over my network. It is just NS6.2 that is sputtering when I
try to launch the application. It works fine on the PC where the
application is installed, which indicates to me that it might be a
preference setting for a path (network path) that is missing in the Netscape .ini file or something similar? I'm not sure
what file I would need to edit or what line to edit...i.e. destination path,
sub path, etc.? I have no idea?

I'm also using Opera 6 for testing and I am unable to hear audio from a streaming MP3 that is embedded in a web page. With Opera 6 I can launch the application over the network, but just canít hear the audio when viewing the page. Again, I think this has to do with a setting for the plug-in path for the audio in Opera 6 over the network.

There are no problems with either browser when the browser application is launched from the PC that it is installed on. Iíve tried obtaining information from forums and newsgroups specific to each browser, but havenít been able to get any input on how to solve the problem. I was hoping someone could offer some help and identify how to correct these problems.

If anyone knows of a solution to this problem, it would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help.