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    New Business / Home Network with VOIP & PBX

    Hi all,

    Here is my situation and what I am ultimately trying to achieve:

    24MB ADSL2+ comes into my dreytek 120 modem.

    I want to have a firewall running on a linux box here (any programs recommended?).

    I want 2 networks from here on out going through the firewall above:-

    1. For Home network, iPads, vistors laptops etc.
    This is to keep my work separate, for security etc. Which needs wireless and internet connection. Also I would like to be able to view shared folders on my business network from personal computers.

    2. Work secure network.
    Needs access to the WAN for RDP. Also the PBX is running on the work server using 3CX. Requires wireless and internet.

    I have a TP-LINK N Router, which can be flashed with WRT if need be. This will be used for the gigabit work network wireless.

    I have a TP-LINK G Router, which will be used for the home network wireless.

    I also can use if need be a 3500 XL Cisco 24 port switch.

    I would like to run the both networks at gigabit speed if possible.

    So from here, I guess.. i need some advice on what the best way to set up the network would be for what I am wanting. What subnets/vlans/IP's/gateways/DNS/DHCP's i need to set up and on which routers, where the static routes are to go and to what IP's.

    For the VOIP phones i will also wants these on there own subnet but they will need to be able to to talk to the work server where the PBX is running.

    All the equipment will be in a network rack and patched into the ports on the switches/routers as required or advised.

    Please let me know if you need anymore info.

    Ps. There are roughly 20 Work devices, PCs and laptops, and 15 or so home devices. All computers are running win 7, or mac lion osx.

    Your help is much appreciated!

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    This might also help in what i have set up at the moment and why I am struggling.

    My modem:
    Primary Gateway
    No DCHP
    DMZ to
    DNS (ISP)

    Gigabit (work wirless N)
    WAN IP
    DHCP: - 199

    Virtual Servers
    ID Service Port Internal Port IP Address Protocol Status
    1 5060 5060 ALL Enabled
    2 3389 3389 ALL Enabled
    3 4000 4000 ALL Enabled
    4 9000 9000 ALL Enabled
    5 9049 9049 ALL Enabled
    6 41952 41952192.168.0.5 ALL Enabled


    10/100 Home G Wireless
    LAN IP
    DHCP - 199

    When plugged into the home G router the dchp on the N router gives me an IP.
    I have internet connection but its putting me on the wrong network.

    This was my attempt of what i want above. Probably really wrong...

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