My broadband in rural France is via a Nokia Siemens CPEo 450 modem using WIMAX technology. Together with a LINKSYS voip box for telephone service, this is all wired to my Sony VAIO (VPCEBB3C5E) Laptop via an RJ45 ethernet cable. I'm running Windows 7 Home Home Premium and I back up my data to a Buffalo external drive via a USB connection to the laptop, using Nova backup s/w. As the WIMAX broadband from my French ISP is the only sensible option available to me, I want to be 100% sure what will definitley work OK before trying to create a wirelss home network. I can "login" to the Nokia modem using its IP address and password, but normally it just functions without any need to do this.
So can this work OK by purchasing (say) a Netgear WiFi router and connecting the modem's RJ45 cable diretly to the router? Some guides I've seen then suggest initally connecting the router via RJ45 cable to the laptop to get the internet going OK, and then replace the cable with a newly created wireless link later.
Can I then also connect my Buffalo backup drive directly to the router by USB instead of into the laptop?
Lastly - I've just bought an HP Photosmart 7250 all-in-one WiFi printer but so far my attempts to create a WiFi connection to the laptop have failed, so it is still on a USB cable to the laptop. The laptop does have integral WiFi & Bluetooth (previously not used but it IS now switched on). I've created both an "ad-hoc" and a "WiFi Direct" facility but they don't want to work for some reason. Does this become much more straightforward if I buy a router?
Any help and advice will be much appreciated, including recommendations for most appropriate and friendly routers. Are there any really effective trouble shooting tools around maybe - both for my current WiFi problems with the printer, and for future router set-up?