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    Isolate network pool

    i really need help with this. i hope someone has the time to answer.

    our current network setup is this.

    Thomson SpeedTouch TG605 provided by ISP -
    IP Address:
    DHCP disabled

    connected to

    Linksys E4200 - Internet IP address
    and router address is
    This router is the DHCP server and we have switches in the 192.168.10.x pool.
    the wire to the whole network is plugged to this router.

    everything works well BUT when a person comes in, he gets an IP add from the Linksys router of course, and he can browse the Workgroups and Shared Folders!!! This is what we are trying to avoid. Is there a way we can isolate the 192.168.10.x pool? That people who plug-in receive ip from DHCP server to only browse the internet and have a different network pool? Like 192.168.1.x or 192.168.2.x as long as they cannot see the equipments plugged in the 192.168.10.x pool?

    how can this be implemented on router level and not having a server? is is possible?

    thank you for any help.
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    Some routers support a "guest" network that does exactly what you're describing, I'm not sure whether or not your router model supports this.

    Another option might be to add another router to your network and use one router for your personal equipment and one for your guest equipment.

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    Unhappy new router

    having a second router is not a problem. the thing is how to connect it and configure.

    remember the wire going to all output lan is attached to the Linksys router with lan ip.
    can i attached the second router to one of the lan ports of router 1?
    then attach the wire that goes to the wall to router 2?
    then disactivate dhcp on router 1, and give static ip's to all my private machines with pool 192.168.10.x
    then on router 2 give it an internet ip of with lan ip of 192.168.2.x
    then activate dhcp on router 2?
    when i attach from any lan connection on the wall, will router 2 give ip to the machine with 192.168.2.x and have internet access?
    i am confused.
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    That might not work though. Typically ISPs lock down the number of allowed devices to attach to the modem to 1. This means you are only allowed to have a single IP (and therefore network) behind it.

    The guest network is your best option, but unless you have something that supports it, you're going to go nowhere fast.

    Another option would be to attach ACL's to the interfaces, I don't know if the Linksys E4200 can do that or not, so again, nowhere and fast.

    Unless you can do one of those, you won't be getting what you want without spending some money. And I'm not talking < $100.
    Adam TT

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