I currently have a setup of 1 DSL line comming into a Linux router, and it then distributes out to several layer 2 switches and hubs. The router does dhcp from ot with a subnet mask of We also have 2 buildings.

I'd would like to have a setup of 2 linux routers (1 for each subnet), and then have a setup of:

Main Router (Router A) in building 1
dhcp from with subnet mask

Router B in building 2
Ethernet card 1- ip
Ethernet card 2- ip

And have router A connect to router B and then have all of the computers on 192.168.2.* connect to router B.

My understanding is that by have the 2 routers, it will be easier to manage the network, and it will allow for a more routable network (less traffic).
Any help is appreciated! I assume I will need to setup some static routs....