Im wanting to get a NAS going for a few things. Ive picked out two that i think will do the job, but i have concerns about both.

NAS Comparison

On the one hand, the D-link seems to have slightly better hardware, more memory for streaming, and can handle a USB printer for sharing. But review complains about its temperature and overall network transfer speed have me concerned.

The Synology seems to run cooler, and has a higher limit on the space (6 TB vs d-links 4 TB) but doesn't say it can share out a printer, has less memory for streaming and comments also say something about its transfer speed.

Primarly, what im looking for in a NAS is..

  1. Network Storage of moderately used to infrequently used files.
  2. Streaming capabilities for music/video files to other devices (Xbox, Blu-Ray media centers)
  3. Print Server (USB printer sharing over network)
  4. Perhaps future ability's (ftp hosting and such, but this isnt vital)
  5. Under (or at) $200 for the unit itself.

I was focused on the D-link, but started reading the reviews about its transfer speed and got looking at the Synology. I know the D-link one hasn't been out for too long, so it doesn't have many reviews, but the price recently dropped which could mean something, maybe it doesn't..

Just wanted to get some opinions on these two, or perhaps a unit outside of these two that i hadn't considered that may be just as good or better.

Thanks in advance for any assistance/opinions.