Hello all,

The office I work at currently does not have a network administrator as the position isn't being filled for a couple of weeks.

I have been asked to help with some networking problems during the interim while we are without an administrator.

I have a few (probably very simple) networking problems that I am hoping someone will be able to possibly describe/walk me through as I am new to the system.

We are running a Windows 2008 Server and most of the rest of the computers in the building are running Windows XP.

I'm having some simple problems as someone not being able to print and I don't know how to re-install the printer on the server so it loads for all users that log-on. If I re-install the printer just on a local machine it resets when someone logs off and then back in.

I would also like to know how to "ghost" one machine so I can then possibly copy the settings onto a new machine? I can get more specific with questions and error messages, etc that I am receiving if need be when I am in front of the computer.

Thanks for any help!