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    Question PCs on LAN can ping each othr but can't share files

    I have a LAN with 2 PCs and the situation is weird: PCs on same workgroup can see each other, but they can't see the shared files/folders- because these don't show up in Network (Windows Explorer).

    One computer is the main one (Windows 10, set as Master Browser), the other one is XP.
    Name of the workgroup is WORKGROUP.

    - On W10, the samba v1, v2, v3 are enabled (see screenshot)

    - I can ping from any of the PCs the other one successfuly.

    - The result of the command "net view" on w10 PC is:
    "System error 53 has occurred. The network path was not found."

    - The result of the command "nslookup hostname" on w10 PC is:
    "Server: ap8857ee75cefe
    *** ap8857ee75cefe can't find hostname: Non-existent domain"

    - The result of the command "nbtstat -A" on w10 PC (where the IP is XP's) is:
    NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table
    Name Type Status
    HOME-PC <00> UNIQUE Registered
    HOME-PC <20> UNIQUE Registered
    WORKGROUP <00> GROUP Registered
    WORKGROUP <1E> GROUP Registered

    Even when XP computer is not connected to LAN, the result of "net view" on w10 PC is the same: "System error 53 has occurred. The network path was not found."

    Adapter's settings -> Properties -> IPv4 -> Properties -> Advanced -> WINS : NetBIOS Setting is set to "Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP"

    Just in case, I also flushed the DNS server.

    Don't understand why this happens, I'd appreciate any help.
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    As a down and dirty trick, instead of simply sharing the folder on the lan, set it up as a network drive. Then go to the other computer and add the network drive. I have had a lot of luck doing that when the basic share function doesn't work.

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