I'm running Irix 6.5 on an Indy r5000. The box is having trouble seeing my network.

The machine originally had a static IP on my home network, and would communicate just fine. I deleted the "Demo" and "Out-of-Box" accounts, ran the "Improve system security" utility. Since then my network connectivity has stopped. Except for when I added a router to the setup...

I set the router to be a DHCP server, set the Indy to configure it's interface using DHCP, rebooted, and it worked. It received all it's config info from the router and could see the LAN and the internet. I rebooted later, and now it can't see anything. The syslog reports "No response to DHCPBROADCAST."

I went back to static IP, set all my other boxes (running os's from Mac OS X to Windows to Linux) and they can all use the network with no problem. The Indy however, still will not respond. No pings (except it's own ip), no internet, no nothing. The results of netstat look ok, and I get no netowrk errors on startup.

For an experiment I gave it the same ip address as a machine running Mac OS X using ifconfig. As soon as I pressed return on the Indy, the mac immediately threw an error that another machine was trying to use its IP. So the Indy is communicating on some level.

It looks like a routing problem to me. I flushed all it's routes and manually reconfigured, no dice. I disabled one of my Linux boxes to point where it was behaving the same way, and with some ifconfig commands, and the addition of a default route, it was fixed. So I'm stumped. Any ideas out there on what might be wrong?