So I have been driving myself crazy. I have a Comcast router which has a typical speed of 28Mbps. I have that hooked up to a Trendnet Wireless Router. The problem is my mattress upstairs basically completely blocks all Wi-fi while in bed. So I decided to set up a Powerline adapter from behind the main router to upstairs. I have checked the output speed from behind the powerline adapter upstairs and I am maintaining a similar speed to the main router. I then attached another Trendnet router behind the powerline adapter. This is where the issues begin. I have tried two different setups. 1. Exact same SSID, password, DHCP off, 2. Different SSID, password, DHCP off (and on). In all of these situations, I can connect to the secondary router but my max speed is 0.2 Mbps, which is clearly not going to happen. Obviously there is a simple setting I am missing. PLEASE HELP, I am going crazy!