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    hi there,

    basically i am a newcomer to networking! and need a little help!

    i am designing a network

    3 layers..... core/backone is a switch (gig ethernet), the distrbution layer will be using routers, the access layer will be using switches which connect to the workstations.

    There will be 5 or more buildings in this LAN, each building will have their own subnet - now is it possible to connect each switch in each building to 2 routers? I want to do this to create redundant links to the routers........... and i also would like to connect the routers together - will this cause problems or confusion in the network?

    As you can tell I am a little confused - the more i read the more confused i get!

    hope someone can help
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    You need to start by understanding what routers and switches do. Next is understanding hardware. For example you mention a gig ethernet switch that the routers are connected to. Routers only come with 10/100 ports. Physically you can't connect the routers to the switch unless the switch is gigabit copper and supports 10/100/1000.

    You have a campus design. No reason to have routers unless you want each building on its own ip range. If its all private ip you could use a class b address range and never run out of ip addresses.

    Using routers? What kind of links between buildings? T1s what?

    Redundent links? Better know about spanning tree router configuration. Cheaper to have a spare router you can drop in place and not have multiple wan links [they are expensive]

    You need to "work up" to a project of this size. Starting off in beginning networking doesn't provide you with the tools for a good design.

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