I'm having trouble port forwarding with my cheap network everywhere wifi router and want to connect it to another linksys router I have lying around but can't figure out how to configure it.

Here's how it would work:
cable -> linksys -> wifi

Here's where I left off trying:
Went from the cable modem into the linksys' wan port.
Linksys is running dhcp and it's ip is
I plugged a workstation into linksys' slot 1 and gave it a static address of and it can see the internet just fine.

I tried plugging the wifi from "internet" port into the "uplink" port on linksys but it makes the workstation loose connectivity - odd...
Plugging it into port 2 didn't work either.

I gave wifi and have a laptop connected to it with a static ip of Laptop can ping wifi but not beyond.

Any thoughts?