I am a networking newbie and I need some help.

The network that is set up currently is two workstations and one server. This server is actually a Dell desktop pc…..733Mhz PIII…..128Mb Mem…..20G Hard Disk. The two workstations are older Celeron desktops (366Mhz aprox.).

The workstations have an application running on them that access’ a MS database on the Dell server. There is a high-speed switch that connects the three computers together.
The program seems to work alright speed wise until you click on a button to access a large amount of data from the db on the Dell server. The program shows a partially opened app window then freezes in that state until the information can be loaded into the app window. These workstations were not this slow a couple of years ago but the db has grown a fair amount (but it isn’t that big at 68Mb).

My question would be…..Are the workstations inadequate processing power and memory struggling therefore slowing things down? Or…is it that the Dell server has become inadequate and need something bigger or faster.

The high-speed switch has been tested and works fine…FYI

Thanks….I would appreciate any feedback on this!