I have installed Netgear WAB501 first on my windows 2000 Laptop and then on my Windows XP Laptop. I Have no knowledge of networking so im not sure if its even setup correctly.

What i want to do is use Windows XP's Remote Desktop connection to control my xp machine. So what i have done is inserted the xp CD into my 2000 machine and installed the software for Remote Desktop Connection.

I have used remote desktop connection with my existing LAN line connection and now i need to be able to use remote desktop connection for a Peer to Peer network between my 2000 machine and XP machine. The windows 2000 machine will be controlling my windows XP system.

So here is what i have done so far. I took the wireless PCMCIA cards out of their box and inserted them into my Laptop and then inserted the driver CD that came with the PCMCIA cards and installed the drivers and the configuration software.

What do i need to do to setup:
1) Second Network Connection (I am already connected to a LAN but may not be at all times. We use these laptops in the field at work and also at our desk. I need a Peer to Peer setup for when im in the field and Also to be able to connect to my LAN Line which is already setup at the office at the office
2) I need to know how to login using Remote desktop connection to my XP machine From my 2000 Machine

If i lost you guys let me know!
Thanx in advace for any help