I have 1 server running as an application server and another that runs our Mas90/200 system. Our employees log onto the app. server to use the database. We also have a remote site that uses Remote Desktop through a VPN(pix-pix) to use the database. At our local site I can see all of the local computers in windows network neighborhood but I can't see the remote hosts. They can't see our hosts at the remote site either. I can however remote desktop into the remote hosts using their internal IP addr. Any suggestions on how I can get the remote hosts to show up locally? I am using a 10.0.0 scheme locally and a 10.0.1 scheme at the remote site. I am also in the process of configuring a DNS/print/file server to install at the remote site. Will having a server at the remote site help?
Any ideas/criticism would be much appreciated. Thanks.