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    Can not access a intel 530T switch

    Ok so this is driving me nuts now, some years ago I picked up an intel 530T switch, over the last 5 days or so I have tried to connect to it in various ways, with intel device view for windows and web, neither will see it, a direct rs232 link with hyperterminal in windows 7 picks up the boot screen and as is expected, when you hit the space bar and hit enter twice it goes into the request for user and password, at this point it goes "end up".

    I have a backdoor password to get into it,because I do not know the password from the previous owner ( deceased ), but when you put anything into the password field it just hangs and does nothing, sometimes it is as if what your typing in is an overlay but is not being picked up by the switch os via hyperterminal.

    I can not even find its ip address, although I have wireshark I have no idea how to find it with this !, I even have its mac address, but nothing!.

    I am at the point of throwing it against the wall but I need it so can't. Anyone got any ideas ?.

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    Well, I'll say this, switches do not *need* an IP address to function properly. They *may* use one for administration. I presume it would have had one if it has a web configuration portal. I say this because it's possible it lost it's IP address, explaining why you aren't able to log in via the other methods.

    I found the online user Admin guide, that should help. You might want to try doing a hard reset back to factory settings. That way you can get the passwords all reset to how you want them to be.
    Adam TT

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