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    Small Business Setup

    i am working to help my friend set up his business network and having some trouble i haven't really worked with static ip addresses the modem he has is a cisco dbq3925 it has a built in router. he is using 3 of the 4 ports on the back.. the open port is connect to his netgear 24 unmanged switch.. "on the switch he has 4 computers, 2 network printers, 2 lcd tvs and 1 credit card machine.. " off the switch plugged right into the modem/router is 1 computer, DVR system for security, and vontage phone line...

    can someone please help how i can get internet to the computers using the switch along with having the printers talk with getting the tvs to work. i believe that i can't do this with just one open ip but i have not use static ip.. all the computers run windows xp.
    please help and don't kill me with not knowing much.
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    If you don't need unique devices to have an Internet routable address you could do EVERYTHING with a single IP address using NAT/PAT (Network Address Translation / Port Address Translation.) Any IP address in the 192.168.x.x range is considered a "PRIVATE" address (other private ranges exist, too) and can be used to run a unified network.

    The linksys modem/router probably also has the ability to hand out addresses via DHCP, simply allow it to do that (setup shouldn't be required, but would be worth looking at.) If you set up the whole network to be in the 192.168.1.x range with a mask of (linksys default) all devices will have an IP in that range and should point to the router's IP address (typically for their default route.

    I doubt that's enough info for you, but we'll start there and see what other questions you might have. I'd like to be able to address specific questions rather than try to build the whole thing for you. What you are trying to do can be done, and rather easily once you understand how to do it.
    Adam TT

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