I recently got a networking position, and I'm a bit of a noob. I was given a "do it at home" project to help me get familiar with network setups and protocols; this company uses Vyatta firewalls, which are dedicated boxes. So I was sent home with a Dell PowerConnect 5448 (a 48 port switch) with the project of getting a similar setup going with the computers i have at home.
So I have the switch set up, everything's on VLAN1, management IP is 192.168.2., Default Gateway is, and the switch is properly sharing the my internet connection between three computers. That part was easy. So now, one of them is going to be either reformatted and set up with Vyatta, or I'm going to virtualize it. Either way, I need to route all the traffic through that firewall box before it goes to anything else on the switch so I can have a functional firewall. How do I go about doing that?
Also, the end goal is to set up a VPN connection that I (or the guy teaching me) can access remotely, so if there are any considerations that need to be taken to that end, that would be helpful, too, but at the moment my primary concern is the firewall.
So long story short, I need to know how to route the traffic through the firewall when it's on the switch so that it's filtering. Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.