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    Multiple Network problems!!

    Ok heres the situation....

    I have two networks running at my office

    Network one is connected to the internet (lets call this the internet network)

    Network Two is not connected to the internet and doesnt want to be (Lets call this the Edit network)

    All the computers on the edit network are assigned static IP addresses within the same range as the internet network and with the default gateway and dns set at so that if we need to one of the computers on the edit network can be disconnected from the edit network and put on the internet for a short time by unplugging the one computer from the edit network switch and plugging in a cable that runs to my patch panel that has the internet on it

    I have one PC that will run as an FTP server and wants to be on both networks so that users from the edit network can drag and drop files on the FTP server to be shared to the internet (obviously via the internet network)

    Two seperate network cables go into two seperate cards on the FTP server

    1. The internet network is set up as

    2. The Edit network is set up as

    When both are plugged in the machine looses the internet connection. I assume because it is looking for the internet down the wrong connection (Unable to ping the router but can see the other computers on both networks!)

    I have tried to bridge the connections to make it nice and simple so that it will all work and this did work apart from the fact that the FTP server then shared the internet connection from the internet network with all the machines on the Edit network......just what i wanted to avoid! (thats with the ICS/Firewall service disabled)

    Is there any way to let the two adapters run within the same range (changing ranges would be a masssive pain!)

    Or is there another way i should be looking at doing this?

    Running on XP SP2

    Please help!
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    Aside from renumbering your networks into logical units, I'd be inclined to implement something that can act as a bridge, but also perform layer-2/layer-3 filtering across the bridge link (you really don't want arp and dhcp traffic flowing over the bridge as much as you don't want Edit to use the default gateway).

    That way, you would only allow your FTP server to cross that boundary, and deny all other traffic. Not only that, but instead of having to physically unplug cables to allow access to the 'net for the Edit boxes, you could do it in software instead.

    Perhaps your FTP server itself can perform this filtering task.

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