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    IT Final Project HELP PLEASE!!!

    I'm so incredibly overwhelmed and can't even think straight to know where to begin. Our instructor won't give us any help, he wants us to get into the practice of using every other resource besides him.
    Here's the project network layout:

    | | | |
    _____________________________ Network
    {5}__ |_____{Internet}______{6}
    Tech network

    1) Local Network Client (Win. 7)
    2) Web Server
    3) File Server
    4) Active Directory server
    5)RRAS server
    6) Remote Access Client (win. 7)

    -We can create whatever Ip addressing scheme we wish. All computers must be members of your Active Directory Domain. Your file server computer must run Windows Server Core 2008. All other servers must use Enterprise Edition.
    -Design you DNS infrastructure so that your internal domains will be in the 1st level domain named PRIV
    -Configure your RRAS server as a NAT server. Configure port forwarding so that external clients are able to access your web server
    -Configure your RRAS server as an L2TP VPN server with a custom pre-shared key of your choice. A user in your domain named Instructor must be able to VPN in to your Intranet network, and have domain admin rights on your domain.
    -Configure your AD domain controller server as a RADIUS server, and configure your RRAS server as a RADIUS client. Configure the following VPN policies on the RADIUS server.
    a)the sale group members have only business hours access (8am-5pm)
    b) The development group members have 24 hour access

    -Configure your RRAS server as a DHCP Relay agent for your VPN clients to get an IP address from the DHCP server.
    -Install DHCP, DNS, and WINS on AD server
    -Configure AD server as a RADIUS server to authenticate users who VPN into the network
    -Create a DFS share on AD server named Corp. Create a new folder named DFS in teh root of your file system to host this DFS share. Create DFS links to the different shared Folders.
    -configure remote desktop into one of your servers
    -create a shared folder named home on the file server computer. Create a subdirectory on this shared folder for each user on your network. Give everyone full control to the share. Give each user exclusive control of their home folder.

    I know this is a lot of stuff, but I don't even know where to begin. So far I have the servers installed and that's it. I'm so frustrated, I can't even think straight. Any help or direction would be so greatly appreciated.
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    Take it one step at a time. Start with your network first, what addresses do you want to use, and how is everything going to be connected? Is your RRAS going to have multiple NICs serving the different networks or will you be using a different type of router for that, etc...?

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