Not a complete novice but I need help with my home network.
I have a large house (rented unfortunately) so need more than 1 wifi router to cover all rooms.
My Setup is, a TPlink modem/router for getting internet. Have just bought a Netgear N900 for better coverage (placed in middle of house). Also have another 2 belkin routers, 1 wireless and 1 just LAN (for TV/IP-Webcam etc). I need to know how to configure all devices to I can access all pc's (folders and drives) on network regardless of which wifi SSID I am connected to. The Belkin wifi router is to cover bedroom and front of house where N900 is weak and the TPlink covers garden/office area.
At the moment the TPlink is and the N900 Do I need to have all on same ip address ? DCHP on or off on N900....
Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can give