Hi everyone!

Read many threads on this forum, but it's time to stop lurking...

In my (small) company we had a PC, with an old Linux Server, that's used as gateway between the router and the internal LAN.
Basically, it implements a firewall (with IPTABLES), DHCP, VPN server and Proxy (with Squid).
The PC died this morning...

We would like to use this opportunity (be optimistic!) to evaluate a simpler way to have this services, mainly because a PC powered on 24/7 just for these features is sort of a waste of energy.

I can implement firewall, DHCP and VPN (not tested yet) on our router (Netgear dg834g).

Now, I would like to know your opinion:

- is the use of just the router a good solution? (mainly in term of security)
- are there hardware gateway that can implement these functionality better that a simple router, and with less power consumption than a PC?
- any other alternative idea will be appreciated

Thanks to everyone!!!