Thread: DNS Problems?

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    DNS Problems?

    Ok guys,

    First of all, I apologize if this has been covered before, but I did my best to research and I'm still stumped. I'll start at the beginning:

    I have a D-Link DIR-615 router connected to a cable modem. It was making me restart it pretty much every day, so I decided to try updating the firmware. After I did that, I couldn't connect to any device in the house (due to where my router and modem are located, all of my devices are connected wirelessly). I tried everything I knew how to do, such as resetting both the router and modem, logging on to the router's settings page @, and eventually using the 'reset' button on the back of the router which didn't seem to do much of anything. After no luck, I then went out and purchased a Linksys E1200 (?) router. I can't even get past the setup menu on that new router. It asks me to plug the modem into the router, and then tells me its not connected correctly! (I'm not THAT much of a dunce, I know how to hook it up, geesh)

    After some research I discovered that if I go to my networking settings and change my DNS server address to, which I'm told is a public DNS address, I have ivp4 connectivity and my internet works, albeit poorly. I still cannot connect to my wifi with my cell phone, and my reception at home is terrible so that is a crucial thing for me. If anyone has any ideas for me that would be absolutely amazing. I also don't care which router I get working, if you guys think the Linksys is an overall better piece of equipment I'll use it, if not I'll return it. Please help and thanks in advance!

    *edit* I forgot to add that if I plug my laptop into my modem via ethernet it works without a hitch.
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    Hi reeiiggn, welcome to DevShed. Sounds like you're having multiple issues, I'll focus on the main one you seem to be most concerned about and take it from there.

    For the physical setup of everything, you should have an ethernet cable going from the modem to the WAN or "Internet" port on the back of the Linksys router. The devices in your house then connect to the router via the 4 LAN ports or via wifi.

    The router should be set to obtain an IP automatically from your ISP. Sometimes this is referred to on the router's setup page as a "WAN address", and you would set it to DHCP. This should allow it to automatically obtain public IP and DNS info from your internet provider.

    Your Linksys router should also have it's DHCP server service set to enable (this is the DHCP service for your LAN clients, not the WAN setting we talked about above). This will usually have an enable/disable radio button, and a range of IP addresses you can set; by default it's typically something like The devices in your home should get IP and DNS information from your Linksys router. A typical address would be something like:

    IP Address -
    Subnet Mask -
    Default Gateway - (or whatever the LAN, not WAN, IP address of the router is).
    DNS - (or whatever the LAN, not WAN, IP address of the router is).

    Keep in mind some MFGs use different IP ranges. For instance Netgear uses 10.x.x.x and Belkin I think uses 192.168.0.x.

    All your devices should have their IP and DNS settings set to obtain information automatically. Give these steps a shot and see if it works.

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