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    Laptop problem on Network...please advise

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to help my neighbor out with an issue she's having. She has a router set up for Internet. All of her computers work fine on it, but one, her laptop. It see's the router, and connects to it. However, when connected to the router, the laptop will not connect to the Internet. I took the laptop to my home, where I also have a router set up. It connected to my router, and was able to connect to the Internet with no problems.

    So, there's got to be something wrong over there at her house. If any of you can tell me why you think this is happening, please let me know. I am not terribly Network savvy, so please speak in simple terms when you reply. Thanks.
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    First step is checking the network configuration. Windows? If it's Win7 or 8 then the network diagnostics thing is actually quite effective at attempting to fix problems. Give that a shot: right-click the network icon in the tray and open up the troubleshooter. Do this while connected to her network, of course.

    Otherwse open up the properties of the network adapter, then the properties of the IPv4 "item". It should probably have everything set to be determined automatically, but really what you should do is compare those settings against settings of one of her other working computers. Under Advanced are more settings, most of which should be blank, but again compare that other computers' settings.
    If she's lucky enough to have IPv6, look at that one's settings too.

    Otherwise try to narrow down the problem. In order:
    - Can it access the router's configuration "site"? http://gateway IP address of the connection (probably or .1.1).
    - Can it access other computers on the network? Can other computers access the laptop? In Windows Explorer go to \\name of a computer. Might not see anything listed but it should manage to go there.
    - Can it ping a site by IP address? Open up a command prompt ("cmd.exe") and run "ping", which is the address of one of Google's public DNS servers.
    - Can it lookup an address? In the command prompt run "nslookup www.google.com" and see what happens.

    If it's a Mac then I'm not sure what to offer. You can run the ping and nslookup commands from the Terminal thing though.

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