I've been programming in Python for a while now and I have to make a poll real quick. And I've been following the Django tutorial and I'm progressing well with and I really like how Django makes it easy and manageable to create apps. However my web host doesn't have Django installed. To make things even a little worse their "newest" Python is Python 2.4.
Well I contacted them and they told me to use SSH to install Django.
Is installing Django going be difficult and time consuming? Or is it fairly easy? I've never used SSH before and I'm not very knowledgeable in Linux.

A second question is. I'm really considering PHP for this instead. And I'm want to know if there is something like Django for PHP? I need something that's quick and can make a poll with out to much fuss. And I would really like if it was similar to Django in the way that it allows you create Apps that are reusable and comes with a Admin site like Django has.