Hello everybody,
I would really appreciate your advice on the following.

The situation

I have a processor (ARM cortex 9) and several peripherals (USB, serial, LAN). Right now the processor is connected to my PC (virtual machine running linux) through USB. Apparently the USB is running RNDIS so it provides a "virtual Ethernet port"

I read the following excellent tutorial

Network Programming

and with this I could made a simple program that waits for a connection from the PC, and when connected sends some text to it.

the questions

At first I was confused because I though Ethernet implied LAN ports, but as I said through RNDIS it seems the USB can act like LAN. (How good is this, I dont know, would appreciate comments)

Now, I would like to use the LAN connection to connect the processor and the PC. (send some data etc). The manual on the device is useless, provides no examples. The tutorial I listed above is very good to understand the programming part but I dont know how to use this to actually utilize the LAN port I have.

Any ideas or pointers you could give me will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance