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    Remote logging on DD-WRT?

    I plan on setting up VPN on the router so that I can change the router settings remotely: howtogeek.com/51772/how-to-setup-a-vpn-server-using-a-dd-wrt-router

    Next, I want to be able to view logs to see who (on that home network that I want to access) was accessing what website with what device/computer. I need rDNS (at least I assume so?) in order to know the domain name because looking at a bunch of IP addresses isn't very useful to know where kids are going on the internet (this is all for a friend who is technologically challenged). I do NOT need to know who is connecting to the VPN. It is simply to see where the kids (on their network) are going.

    I've read about Wallwatcher, Kiwi, Linklogger, and also about DNSmasq. I don't understand any of it. When people say to go into the DD-WRT settings, either people say to enter a bunch of code (I don't know where?) or I have to enter my network's IP address. If I have to enter my network's IP address for sending syslog, then isn't the assumption that I have connected via VPN? Because where people are saying to enter an IP address of the receiving computer, it shows a local (and not public) IP address. There is never any explanation of why and which IP address (like, the one for MY home network, or my specific computer, etc).

    I just want some simple way to see which computer or device (even better if it shows the MAC address and not necessarily IP because IP's all change), and which website it accessed at a specific time.

    I have been using OpenDNS and the logging in that and the problem is that it doesn't show the times accessed and from which computer/device.

    One other question. If the route that I have to go is using Wallwatcher or something, do I have to keep it running on my computer at all times? Or can I open it, it download all the information needed, and then I can close it again?

    If not (I read that it's a pull model and not a push model), is there some website service (free?) that all the logs can be downloaded onto and be translated into domain names and then I can log on the website to view them?
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    A VPN will act as if its on the LAN, all IPs will appear as local hosts on the LAN, the only private address thats used will be that of where the VPN server is and only used when connecting (i assume your using PPTP)

    As for the software, there will need to be a host running 24/7 recording the logs. You could setup that host with a SMB share to the logs folder which you could reach over the VPN. Then access the log files. Also what router are you using?

    Lastly, you could use a packet sniffer such as wireshark and filter DNS traffic only, thus meaning the host capturing can only view the received data.

    Others may have better solutions, that my 10cents

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