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    Is public address static or not

    I am trying to determine if my public IP is static or dynamic. I went on to site 301 Moved Permanently and the result I got was:
    Your Public IPv6 is: 2a01:4b00:8942:3f00:a15f:16ed:b7e:a132
    Your IPv4 is:
    I then switched off router for five minutes and restarted it. I then got the following result:
    Your Public IPv6 is: 2a01:4b00:8942:3f00:41f6:d56b:72bc:e0ce
    Your IPv4 is:
    The IPv4 remained the same while IPv6 changed. What does it mean, is the address static or dynamic? All help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Your IP is dynamic unless you buy a static one from your ISP.

    Simply turning your router off and on again is almost never going to give you a different address because that's not how good DHCP systems work.
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    Generally speaking your ISP will tie the address to your the mac address of whatever is connected to your modem for some amount of time (hours to days). This means generally speaking you'll keep the same IP so long as your equipment stays online most of the time. You'd probably have to power it all off for a few days or more to grab a new IP.

    If you want a new IP you can and your router supports it, you can change the MAC address of the router and power-cycle the modem.

    If you want the address to never change you'll have to contact your ISP and ask them about getting a static address. They may or may not allow that, and it may cost extra per month if they do.

    Otherwise, changes should be infrequent enough that you could just check it periodically or use a dynamic DNS service to keep a DNS name updated with whatever the current IP is.
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