This is my first time working with oracle so I am still trying to get a grasp of how everything works.

Anyway, I need to create an oracle database and then access that database via a webpage. I think I have the ODBC connection working but am not sure. I set everything up in Net8 assistant and then added the odbc driver in the microsoft odbc administrator. I then ran the oracle ODBC test and it connected and I was able to view the tables that are in the database etc. I also tested it with access by having pulling a table from the database into access. So I think it is working correctly, no?

My problem is that after shutting down the computer and then trying to access a table through ms access it would not connect. However, I ran the ODBC test, it connected, and then I went back to MS access and it worked. Why would it not connect the first time, but after running the test it then was able to connect.