Hello There,
I'm hoping you can shed some light on what seems a rather odd occurrence on our Production Oracle Instance.
Before i elaborate on the nature of the problem, I must confess that i am not an Oracle DBA and have been compelled to post this query since i have no joy from the in house DBA community on the origins of this error.

We've had an ORA-01033 error being issued by our ETL installation (deployed on a Linux machine) a couple of days ago whence trying to extract some data from the Oracle instance (during overnight DataWarehouse loads) which has consequently aborted the loads necessitating a cleanup.
This event has already occurred twice before, the first time being a month ago when the event was captured in the v$instance and also in the V$Dataguard_status.
Since then, This error has been generated twice although there seems to be no evidence of this in either the Oracle alert log(as confirmed by DBA team) or in any of the v$views (as pointed out by Tom in an earlier post) such as DBA_LOGSTDBY_HISTORY, v$logstdby_state, $logstdby_stats, dba_logstdby_log, dba_logstdby_events,v$dataguard_status, v$dataguard_stats, v$dataguard_config,v$database,v$database_incarnation, v$managed_standby, v$standby_log, v$instance.

The DBA team have pretty much disowned this issue since they claim to not have any actual evidence of this from the logs and this is the crux of the matter here.
The Problem i have as the downstream "recepient" of this error is to prove to the DBA team that this is indeed a genuine issue with the Oracle instance affecting it's availability and concomittantly affecting the DW loads.

FYI, The Oracle instance is in Failover mode, so it's swiftly back online after bombing out for a few seconds.
i don't have access to the ALERT log as it's a Production environment and employs restricted access policy to the server.
Where else is the ORA-01033 error logged in the database dictinoary? Where else can i find evidence of this?