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    Redesign Company IT - MySql to Oracle db

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for advice and / or thoughts on the direction I am taking my company. To start off I am by trade a System Architect, Data Base Administrator, and Project Manager. I have been a Oracle DBA now for 18+ years, but have also worked with PostgreSQL, MySql, and SQL Server 2005. My company hired me to redesign their total IT Infrastructure.

    Currently they are a Sun/Sparc (equipment) - Solaris 10 (OS) - running MySQL 5.0.51a (Community version DBs), with standing everything up with a 1 for 1 relationship for each customer. To say the least it is grossly inefficient. What I have designed and standing up is HP Blades using HP 3PAR network storage, using bare metal Virtualization of VMware 5, with using SUSE Enterprise edition Linux either on a DB server or as the Guest within VMs. Next each customer currently has their own MySQL 5.0.51a database another grossly inefficient way of doing things. Now having been a Oracle DBA now for 18+ yrs in Production/Dev/Test and Beta Testing all that time, for this company and our needs and use Oracle Standard edition of would work quite nicely, plus introducing Multi Tenant database is the key. Thus each customer becomes their own Schema within the Oracle database and then multiple customers can be stoodup in a single database. My guess is about 10 per database, which would mean we would need 3-4 production databases.

    It is my plan to run two Oracle databases per server for production, then have a Staging/QA/UAT server that will also be Oracle Standard binary. On both production and staging/qa/uat I will have 24/7 support, but then for DEV/TEST we will use VMs and use PostgreSQL 9.2 Open Source. PostgreSQL and Oracle Standard are so much alike and our software can run perfectly in both. Thus for the DEV/Test VMware farm we can develope on that, and then roll code into staging to test there next and then if all checks out roll into production This will save alot of money on server software and licenses support from Oracle. Also both Production and Staging will be fully supported as well. I have used OS level replication/backup/dr for years, and we will use RMAN as well too, many different ways to skin a cat these days.

    Now my next big task is to get rid of the MySQL dbs and configure the Multi tenant Oracle Standard DBs. BTW Enterprise Edition would be real nice, BUT its cost is way to much and the need is just not there for it's server software and license support costs. So now I start the task of working out how many customers I can place effectively per Oracle Standard database. Also there are Company code that works outside of the database, and I need to see how many of those tasks and etc I can do within the Oracle database. Note before me they never had a DBA here, they had developers doing the DBA fuction, and it shows in so many ways.

    So comments, advise, tools or resources I should consider using to collapse the MySQL dbs into the Oracle dbs? It isn't a hard task, I just need to work in stages and plan everything out.
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    I think ESF Database Migration Toolkit can help you do this work.

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