I am trying to connect to Oracle 9i db and query for a jpeg. I keep on recieving a windows download popup after executing the webpage. I have enclosed the code. The sql is correct. Dont know what else is wrong. PHP and GD is setup correctly. I can view jpegs through php with a flat file used for storage. Thanks.
$username = "xxxxxxxx";
$passwd = "xxxxxxxxx";

$conn = OCILogon($username,$passwd,$db);
if (!$conn) {
echo "Connection failed";
echo "Error Message: [" . OCIError($conn) . "]";
echo "Successfully Connected to Database!\n\n";
$conn = OCILogon($user, $password,$db );
$query = "select dbd_image from database where patronid ='11111111'";
$stmt = OCIParse($conn, $query);
$err = OCIExecute($stmt);


header('Content-Type: image/jpg');
print $stmt;