I have six years experience writing ASP applications and about 2 years developing a separate VB middle tier consisting of business objects. I just completed an intruductory seminar to ASP.NET.

My company is seriously looking at making a decision to use Oracle Forms as it standard language and development environment to create applications. We have 5 developers and 4 use FORMS and 3 are nearing retirement and don't have any web development or web technologies/methods experience and they don't want to learn it. We use Windows servers and PC for all of our end-users. All microsoft OS, Network and PC.

I believe I understand the overwhelming benefits of staying with ASP or ASP.NET versus Oracle forms. Even our sister plants across the Eastern USA don't use Oracle Forms but rather ASP and .NET.

I fear if I am forced to spend my time learning Oracle forms my marketability and web development skills will suffer.

What I need is some frank, outside, discussion on this issue because my superior will find this approach most credible.

I need some help here.

What is better and why, ASP ASP.NET versus Oracle Forms.

Thank you.