Hi, I'm trying to connect to an Oracle DB with CGI and Perl. DBI was already installed on the server, and (since I don't have root access) I've now installed Oracle:: DBD in my own directory, which I use in the Perl. I have a very simple Perl script, which just tries to connect to the DB and then disconnect. The script works when I run it at the command-line with perl.

I copied db.pl to dbpl.cgi, and this also works at the command line. They both produce the following:

sales% dbpl.cgi
Content-type: text/html

going to try to connect...

When I try to run dbpl.cgi in the browser, though, it stalls on the DB connection. (I don't even get the die error message.) As you can see by clicking there, it just produces this:

going to try to connect...

Now, the use DBD::Oracle; line is comment out. Commented-out or not, both db.pl and dbpl.cgi work at the command-line. But if I uncomment it, I get an Internal Server Error. (I don't have access to the web server log.)

Any ideas? I'm able, in a number of scripts, to connect to and access the DB through Perl, but every one of them halts in the browser when it tries to connect to the DB.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.