Hi all,
I need help on installation of Oracle 9i on RedHat 9. I want everything install under /home/oracle just for learning purpose.

I finished setup users and groups and ran "runInstaller", the wizard went all the way through copying file initially, but stalled after copying few files. Here is the last section of install log:
Calling action unixActions2. createLink
source = /opt/oracle/jre/1.1.8/bin/.java_wrapper
destination = /opt/oracle/jre/1.1.8/bin/jre
overwriteExistingLink = true

ALSO, some one told me to set these vars in the Installer to the directory I want, but I don't see installer prompting for it!
Inventory Location: /opt/oracle/product/oraInventory
Oracle Universal Installer in: /opt/oracle/product/oui
Java Runtime Environment in: /opt/oracle/product/jre/1.1.8

Any idea? Please help.