Hi all.
Could you help me in the following situation about page numeration in Oracle reports:

I had a report with 4 pages and the first one was a blank page but all pages were correctly numbering.
However with the purpose of suppressingin the blank page, I ran the report in the command line with the parameter BLANKPAGES=NO, but
all the pages still with the same numeration. For example, now the first page that was second still with the same numeration : "2/4",
and current second page that was the third still with the same numeration : :"3/4"

It seems that this parameter : BLANKPAGES=NO, only remove the blank pages and didn't update the pages numeration.

How i can update the page numeration? I want to put "1/4" in the first page instead "2/4".

Could you help me please ?

Paulito Santana