We have to get some data from U98 (saixdbU98) in UTF-8 format in Excel sheet.

We are having queries ready for this. These queries bring data which have Japanese characters.

But when we run the Select queries then in the result Japanese chars are garbled. It comes in ????.

Please suggest a solution for this and let us know what process we have to follow to get the result in UTF-8 format in Excel sheet.
here is the code


set sqlblanklines on;

set linesize 1000

set long 1000000

set pages 50000

set feed off markup html on spool on

spool /tmp/UAT_bkp_xls_27Aug12.xls


select * from GCMS_USER.GCMS_PHRASES ;

select * from GCMS_USER.GCMS_MAPPING ;

select * from GCMS_USER.GCMS_SCREEN ;

select * from GCMS_USER.GCMS_APPS ;


spool off
set markup html off spool off