Hi ! I have a database 'student' and have displayed in a table 'name', 'surname'.. . What i am tring to do is when click at a student to show a dialog box that contains data about that student. I have already created it but what doesn't show in dialog is image that is a field in database saved as BLOB.
            var rowid = \$(this).attr("id");  
            var src = \$("#img_" + rowid).attr("src");            
            var img = \$("<img src='" + src + "'/>");
         return false;
$q->table({-id => 'id_tab'},
        $q->Tr([ $q->td(
        $q->img({ -value =>'', -id => 'img', src => ''}))])
<---perl get image from database-->
for my $i ( 0 .. $#$aArray ) {
    my $cRowId = $aArray->[$i]->{'ID'};
 $q->label({-id => "img_$cRowId"}, $aArray->[$i]->{'IMAGE'});
what am i missing?