I generate a web page (using perl) containing lots of variables. Some rows only appear if certain conditions apply, otherwise they are simply ommitted - for clarity. In IE5, it looks fine, but table row "breaks" are distorted in netscape 4.x.(That's not my query, read on.)
The user clicks "confirm" button to receive an e-mail version of that page. The e-mail attachment is then constructed line-by-line using print FILE "<..the html..>n;" to incorporate the many variables and inserting rows only as needed. Those "print FILE" commands are in no way connected to the onscreen "print" commands (different sub-routine) and so cannot be affected by the browser type. I open my mail using Eudora - again, browser independent.
But if I confirm while using NS, the email looks like the messy NS screen and if in IE5 it's like the IE5 onscreen display.
Anyone know how this is possible?