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    Yes, FastCGI scripts are pretty much daemon processes themselves. I guess IIS handles the management of the FastCGI process. Maybe there's some options in whatever management tools IIS has that would let you restart the FastCGI server.

    Or, it may be simpler to put IIS aside until you're ready to go production and use the perl HTTP server for testing (the script). This might be the better choice, the script can dump a lot of debugging information--including every URL pattern handled and what controller it maps to. That would be helpful in debugging the issue in your other post.
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    I'm using both and both don't run correctly?

    it isn't correctly running the actions, it's running a controller action for the index path?

    If you are only mean to have one
    sub index Path: Args(0)
    to handle root urls why would it create this default sub in every controller you create?

    It's only meant to handle the root of the controller path isn't it? I.E....

    http://mydomain/ = { index Path: Args(0) }

    http://mydomain/mydocs/ = { index Path: Args(0) }

    that is how it is meant to work isn't it?
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