I have noticed some posts that relate to this problem HOWEVER mine is quite different. (this is slightly offtopic and I am posting out of desperation)

I am using a Perl script to upload files via web. I use CGI.pm 2.74. The script I have works FINE on Apache on both Windows2000 and Linux. ( I will post this script below) However, it will not work on OS/390 with IBM HTTP server V5.2. It returns error: Malformed Multipart Post. This may be due to ASCII>EBCDIC mistranslations or due to the web server mangling the http header boundary for the file to be uploaded. The error comes from this section of CGI.pm:

# Find the boundary in the buffer (it may not be there).
my $start = index($self->{BUFFER},$self->{BOUNDARY});
# protect against malformed multipart POST operations
die "Malformed multipart POST\n" unless ($start >= 0) || ($self->{LENGTH} > 0);

NOTE: Perl CGI in general does work on the system, I tested a few guestbooks and such to rule that out. Big problem seems to be multi-part forms.

The perl script is as follows:
!/bin/perl -w

$donepage = "/upload.htm";
$errorpage = "/errorup.htm";
use CGI;
$req = new CGI;
$file = $req->param("file");
$path = $req->param("path");

if ($file ne "" && $path ne "" && $filename ne "") {
open (OUTFILE, ">$path/$filename")|| die "couldn't open file $path/$filename!:$! \n";
while (my $bytesread = read($file, my $buffer, 1024)) {
print OUTFILE $buffer||die "cannot write to file $path/$filename:$! \n";
close (OUTFILE);
print "Content-type: text/html\n";
print "Location:$donepage\n\n";
} else {
print "Content-type: text/html\n";
print "Location:$errorpage\n\n";

As I said I am a bit OT but would appreciate any input. Also anyone else here is free to try to use the above code to solve their own problems.