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    Flock with 12 users

    I have a simple CGI script that writes to a text file (chat room, basically). Since 12 or more users could be chatting at once, my question is this: are all users put in queue and sent to my text file one at a time, once each FLOCK is released?

    Example: FLOCK engaged; User 1 writes to text file. FLOCK released. User 2 is next, and allowed to write to text file. And so on.

    My concern is that a) if FLOCK is engaged, and only 1 user can write, the other users in the queue will be dropped. Unfounded?

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    If the file is locked, a call to flock will normally block until the original lock is released. However, if multiple processes are currently blocked on an flock call, I do not believe there is any guarantee as to which will receive the next lock (ie: it's not a queue).

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    Word of warning, IIRC flock is not implemented on windows

    Can you use a database to avoid flocking altogether? I wouldn't consider flock to be a good strategy with 12 users, 2 maybe, but because it's not a queue or round robin system, there's no way of determining next to get in after the flock, eg one process could flock the file 3 times, whilst one other process is still awaiting a release
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