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    Help with perl script

    hello everyone I am new to perl script.

    please help me with a regular expression to check,

    1) if "check_geomtools.exe" is present in the path and then check if the string ends with ".lib"

    2) if returns true, a command should be there to "grep all .lib from the file and copy them into a new directory.

    E:\gtmproj\script\i486_nt\obj\check_geomtools.exe: o:\portsrc\spg\system_1\i486_nt\advapps\TK-2\objmt\winclockmtq.lib
    E:\gtmproj\script\i486_nt\obj\check_geomtools.exe: o:\portsrc\spg\system_1\i486_nt\advapps\TK-2\objmt\unifilesmtq.lib
    E:\gtmproj\script\i486_nt\obj\check_geomtools.exe: o:\portsrc\spg\system_1\i486_nt\advapps\TK-2\objmt\dlmmgrmtq.lib
    E:\gtmproj\script\i486_nt\obj\check_geomtools.exe: o:\portsrc\spg\system_1\i486_nt\advapps\TK-2\objmt\asyncoremtq.lib
    E:\gtmproj\script\i486_nt\obj\check_geomtools.exe: o:\portsrc\spg\system_1\i486_nt\advapps\TK-2\objmt\baselibmtq.lib
    E:\gtmproj\script\i486_nt\obj\check_geomtools.exe: o:\portsrc\spg\system_1\i486_nt\advapps\TK-2\objmt\i18nmtq.lib
    E:\gtmproj\script\i486_nt\obj\check_geomtools.exe: o:\portsrc\spg\system_1\i486_nt\advapps\TK-2\objmt\utfstrmtq.lib
    E:\gtmproj\script\i486_nt\obj\check_geomtools.exe: o:\portsrc\spg\system_1\i486_nt\advapps\TK-2\objmt\rtlcoremtq.lib
    E:\gtmproj\script\i486_nt\obj\check_geomtools.exe: o:\portsrc\spg\system_1\i486_nt\advapps\TK-2\objmt\btkzlibmtq.lib
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    I did not fully understand your first requirement, but check the file test operators. In particular the -e (file exists) and -s (file exists and has non zero size) operators.

    For copying the files, check the File::Copy module on the CPAN.

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