I am trying to write a program to talk with a Quake 3 server, and display it's information to the webserver, the problem I am having is that Q3 requires Out Of Band(OOB) packets, and I have no idea how to make one in Perl.

I found this on how to do it in Java:

ds = new DatagramSocket();
InetAddress ia = InetAddress.getByName("game.idsoftware.com");
String out = "xxxxgetstatus";
byte [] buff = out.getBytes();
buff[0] = (byte)0xff; // oob
buff[1] = (byte)0xff;
buff[2] = (byte)0xff;
buff[3] = (byte)0xff;
dp = new DatagramPacket(buff, buff.length, ia, 27960);

Thanks for any help you can give :-)