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    Perl file and split questions

    my ($bumpFileVolume,$bumpFileDir,$name) = File::Spec->splitpath($bumpFile);
    my @workDirArr = ($bumpFileVolume,$bumpFileDir);
    my $workDir = File::Spec->catdir(@workDirArr);
    chdir $workDir or die "$0 failed to chdir to working dir $workDir";
    system ("sort -k 1,1 -k 4n -T $workDir $name >tempLoc_$name")==0 or die "$0 failed to sort $name";
    open (BRK, "tempLoc_$name") or die "$0 failed to open file tempLoc_$name";
    open (OUTTWO, ">loc_analyze_$name") or die "$0 failed to open file loc_analyze_$name";
    I'm a little confused as to whats happening here. What does it mean to create the variable $name attach it to the file I assume is $bumpfile and then use in as the part of loc_analyze_$name or tempLoc_$name? Are they creating a new file or simply opening up an old one?

    Also for

    #LINE: while (@bumps){
    LINE:    while (<FIL>) { 
    	my $line2 = $_;
    	chomp $line2;        
    	my @parts = split;
    	my $rom_ref = $parts[0];
    	my $signal = $parts[1];

    I'm assuming the array parts is from FIL being split. Is this correct?
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    $name is the name of tghe file stripped of its path (directory) information.

    The second code sniopopet is reading the file line by line and splitting each line inti an array (split on the soace character).

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