I need to dump my dynamic php page to static html page every midnight.

I kindda looking for a perl script that will get this work done.
Is there anyway I can do this in perl?? Or there will be better way in PHP??

Honestly, I'm newbie for perl and just so-so php.

I have no idea how to start with this. Try some google search but can't get any idea.

I think of something like perl script that make the same page as dynamic php page to be html and store in some folder. This won't work if there will be change in php page which I believe there will be some changes in the future. With this way, I have to re-write the script everytime the page change their design. (beleive me they change a lot from time to time)

Anyway possible way to do this? ( dump dynamic page to static html or php page.)

Thanks in advance,