I am using DBI, to link to MYsql on both a unix platform and a windows platform for diffrent programs , the unizx platform being at work and the windows at home for my own projects.

The problem is that in both cases i collect e-mail addresess out of old archived e-mails and want to put them into a database , obvioulsy the e-mail field in MYsql is set to unquie to avoid duplicates.

So when i use a little bit of perl to loop round the archived e-mails and pull out the e-mail addresses there in some cases will be duplicates . And because on the Unix platform when there was a duplicate the DBI threw up an error such as "DBI found duplicate entry" or something . But it still carried on porcessing the rest of the text file and if it came across a duplicate it chucked an error and carried on.

So thorugh lazinees (ok i know u hate programmers who are lazy , but i was tired) i tried the same thing on my windows machine however this time it chukced and error at stopped and quit the perl script wihtout processign the rest of the text file.

My question why the diffrence on the two platforms , and is there any way of making the windows script to carry on and ignore the errors.

TO be honest i am just curious as why there is a diffenrce , and i was hoping someone here could shed a little light on the problem