We have already posted this but the fellow coleague that answers to our quest didn't contact us anymore. So...

We are implementing a FREE news project for a school and we need to develop a system that makes the following stuff:

- A person sends an email with a content like this:

To: freenews@eb2amora.pt
Subject: Finaly you can cooperate with us.

On the message part of the email you'll see this.

[short] Hi, school fellows. Now you can send us your news and opinions.[n]
Just check this out.[/short]
[news]This is the big news[/news]
[author]Paula Silva[/author]

- Know we must process this when received on school ISP (here in Portugal only Universities have their own WebServers) and add it to a database automaticaly. On their web site there's a CGI to read the database and to display it's contents formated.

We could do it thru a form but here in Portugal local calls are expensive and it will be better if school colleagues could write their articles offline.

Could you help us or tell us where can we get information for this?

Reply ASAP please.

Paula e Lopo