About four or five years ago, there was a great page called top-n. It was a toplist site which was at times, absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately, the owner and chief moderator of the site was unable to maintain it, and it eventually collapsed from neglect. The regulars of the site, many of whom were capable of consistantly delivering incredible comedy, banded together and did a few brief attempts at restablishing the page they had grown to enjoy tremendously. The community that had formed was strong, but not strong enough to stick together when the makeshift forum they created finally collapsed. These people dispersed, and no longer communicate. It is a damn shame, they were funny as hell. I was one of them.

I would like to make a page like the original top-n. The page would basically provide options to:
A, create a new list (limited to three a day)
B, add an entry to a list. This would have five possible lines, for the addition of five entries at once if needed.
C, see those entries before they are posted as they would appear, and give the option to edit them.
Then there would be a couple of moderator accounts availible to edit out flooders and the like. I would like to have lists that are idle for a week to be archived also, but that is not terribly necessary.

I don't know anything about code, and my experience with html is that of a frontpage babied imbecile. I do not enjoy coding personally, and have focused my attention on other things. Just the same, I would really like to see this page happen. I was hoping that this was not a terribly complex thing to code, and that I could find someone to do it for me because they would enjoy a project of the sort. But in the case that this is a very difficult or labor intensive thing to do, I hope that someone will please tell me, so that I can go about finding another way to acomplish it.

Top-N was a lot of fun, and I spent a lot of time on it. I would very much like to see the same kind of thing in existence, so that I can establish the same kind of enjoyment.
If you can help me with this project, it would be much appreciated.