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    I'm trying to install the Digest-MD5-2.09 module on my Irix 6.4 box and I'm
    having problems compiling the Makefile.PL.
    When executing perl Makefile.PL I get the following:

    "u32align.c": Error: Invalid format revision (WHIRL::0.28 for intermediate
    compiler file (/tmp/ctmB.BAAa001k4)
    Can't compile test program
    Processing hints file hints/irix_6.pl
    Writing Makefile for Digest::MD2
    Writing Makefile for Digest::SHA1
    Writing Makefile for Digest::MD5

    I thought I might be able to ignore it and proceed with make but that just
    throws up lots more errors, so obviously this is a problem; a problem well
    outside my range of knowledge.
    Ideas anyone?

    Nick Gushlow
    Email: nickg(@)dynamicweb.co.uk

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    Maybe you were trying to install Apache-ASP-0.18.tar.gz and it requires Digest-MD5-2.09.tar.gz.

    It installed fine on my FreeBSD 4.1-STABLE. Just checked out the Makefile.PL, it says the following:
    sub free_u32_alignment
    print "Testing alignment requirements for U32... ";
    return 1 if $^O eq 'VMS';

    open(ALIGN_TEST, ">u32align.c") or die "$!";
    print ALIGN_TEST <<'EOT'; close(ALIGN_TEST);
    /* This program allocates a buffer of U8 (char) and then tries */
    /* to access it through a U32 pointer at every offset. The */
    /* program is expected to die with a bus error/seg fault for */
    /* machines that do not support unaligned integer read/write */

    I also found a file called "irix_6.pl" in "hints" directory. It should be the work-around to fix the bug of Irix. You might need to run such script in advance or whatever, I don't know. You can try to email the author.

    If "machines that do not support unaligned integer read/write" is really the case for you, too bad.

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